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With Scott's help we were able to review years' worth of PPC data, and his insights were invaluable in helping us set up remarkably successful campaigns...

Tony Chopp

One of Orange County's oldest practices

This is a detailed spreadsheet that makes it simple to adapt to your practice

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Site activity is up.  We had a record number of inquiries in August, and almost as many just half way through September.  Working with your team is a pleasure!

Dr. Alston Lundgren

Alston Lundgren, MD, PC

Guys, this is great, I very much appreciate it.  I love data!  Thanks to both of you for all your hard work.

Dr. Vivek Bansal

Elite MD - Advanced Dermatology, Laser, and Plastic Surgery Institute

We believe so strongly in the importance of email automation that we'll give you the 16-email planning template we use as the basis for all emails we write.

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1.  Discover the strategy behind each "nurturing" email to warm up prospective patients.

2.  Get ideas to make creating your own emails a breeze.  Remember, write once ... use forever!

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